Marble Lite Inc

Based in New York, we have been in business since 1992. We offer reliable and professional restoration, stone cleaning and polishing, and stone, marble, or granite fabrication services for countertops and floors.

What We Offer



If everyday wear and tear has removed the luster from your marble floors, it’s time to call Marble Lite, Inc., for our remarkable marble restoration and floor polishing system.

Even the nicest of residential and commercial marble and granite floors lose that like-new shine after years of use. Our experts know precisely how to give your floors the love and attention they need to look fantastic again.



Limestone and marble will stand up to a lot of use. Despite this, water, dirt, grit, shoes, and a whole host of other things we use daily will reduce once lovely floors to tired-looking stone in need of serious attention.

When a simple polish won’t do the trick, that’s where Marble Lite comes in. We have restored over one million sq. ft. of marble, limestone, terrazzo, concrete, and granite flooring in New York, New York, the five boroughs, and the Tri-State Area.

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We can help you choose stone, granite, or marble with an investment as large as stone flooring or granite countertops.

Sturdy and Utilitarian

The guys at Marble Lite pride themselves on a clean workspace—before, during, and after a job is completed. We adopt a wet-sanding procedure (no dust), which is better for the stone and the client. It allows the stone to stay cold and the diamond pads to glide across the stone, cutting the dirt, grime, and scratches off with ease. We protect everything that needs to be protected with plastic drop cloths and tape.

Contemporary and Stylish

At Marble Lite, we’ll provide a finished product you all know and love—whether that is a HIGH GLOSS or a MATTE-HONED finish. With the HIGH GLOSS finish, you get that beautiful mirror-like glass look, the classy finish. Whereas with the MATTE-HONED finish, you get that natural stone look, the humble finish. Both finishes are CLASSIC AND TIMELESS and easily maintained with our NEUTRAL CLEANER SOAP and some cold water.
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