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Do check out the range of services we provide at Marble Lite Inc.! Don’t forget to browse through our gallery to learn more about how our work turns out. If you have any queries related to our services or our work, feel free to reach out to us.

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floor polishing


Home maintenance


Stone paving


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The Polish Your Floors Need to Shine Like New

If everyday wear and tear has removed the luster from your marble floors, it’s time to call Marble Lite, Inc. for our special marble restoration and floor polishing system.
Even the nicest residential and commercial marble and granite floors lose that like-new shine after years of use.

Our experts know exactly how to give your floors the love and attention they need to look fantastic again. So whether you have floors, countertops, or walls clad in fine natural stone, we will come by and give you a free estimate on what it will take to polish them back to life.


Between New York’s weather winters and the daily grind of the business capital of the world, the floors, steps, or walls in
your lobby, apartment, home, or area of living will lose the luster and shine that you so deserve.

Every so often, people need to rejuvenate themselves with a vacation or something to keep them going throughout the year. Marble and stone need the same love and attention. The maintenance of your marble or stone will keep it looking new all year round.

Marble and stone should be maintained at least once every six months to keep the stone from getting too far beyond repair.
Give your marble or stone the love it so desperately needs.


We Can Help You Choose Stone, Granite, or Marble

With an investment as large as stone flooring or granite countertops, it can be difficult to decide what is best for you. Marble Lite Inc., New York, has put together a brief guide to picking the material to best suit your home or office.

Before you hire us for fabrication, look over the materials available. If you are looking to replace existing granite, stone, or marble, call us about restoration services to save you money.

What We Specialize In

home floor polishing


We specialize in bringing life back to stone in your home. Our team begins by taking extra care of all your belongings before we begin working in your home.

a man is carring maintenance on hose floor with cleaning machine


We’re seasoned marble restores and have decades of experience working in residential, commercial, and retail environments, so we know that efficiency is a top priority.

Call us today to find out how we can bring life back to your stone with as little delay in your day as possible.

marbles stacked

Fabrication and Installation

With over 25 years of fabrication and installation expertise, we bring more than just experience to our client’s projects.

We apply regular care and patience for each and every project as if it were our home.