Frequently Asked Questions

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How long does the sealer last?

All natural sealers on the market last between 3-6 months before needing to be resealed.

I don’t think my counter tops were properly sealed when I first got them installed.

All counter tops come factory sealed before they are cut to size and installed. We always seal new counter tops when they are installed by us as an extra precaution.

What should I do to maintain my marble in the meantime?

We provide our clients with a gallon of neutral cleaner soap. We use this soap for every marble, limestone, granite, and stone surface. It’s neutral on the PH scale so all it does is clean the stone and not affect it in any negative ways over time. Use a very little bit of neutral cleaner soap, cold water, and a clean rag. Wet the stone surface and then dry it off with the same rag (damp).

How many coats of sealer do you apply?

We apply 3 coats of sealer at most. If you apply any more than that it will just sit on top of the already sealed stone.

The sealer protects my stone from stains?

Yes, although it won’t protect your stone from etch marks, etch marks are caused from acidic substances such as lemon, wine, vinegar and anything in that family of household items.